Research and applied technology development

Research organisations

As in the case of most industry sectors, an industry sector without a strong link to research has no future and a research sector without strong links to industry has no present. Each is a key component of how we move from the present to the future. In this respect bioenergy is no different. New Zealand is fortunate in that it has strong presence and skills in both private and public sector bioenergy research and in the bioenergy industry sector.  

Leading researchers (public funded and private sector) and research consortia in New Zealand on bioenergy and bio-products are available here.

Research funding

The Government has been funding bioenergy sector research and development for a number of years.  Read more here.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)

Information on science funding can be found on the MBIE website

Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation can provide funding, advise and support to help buisnesses grow and become globally competitve.  Read more.

IEA Bioenergy - New Zealand's involvement

IEA Bioenergy takes the lead internationally on collaborative research on bioenergy.  New Zealand is involved in the following tasks:

  • Task 32
  • Task 37 - view newsletters, events and biogas publications
  • Task 38 - view the annual report on Climate change mitigation
  • Task 39 - read the report 'From 1st to 2nd generation biofuel technologies'
  • Task 40
  • Task 43 

Members click to access the IEA Bioenergy publications