Enhanced environmental outcomes

Bioenergy technologies can improve the environmental outcomes from communities and from the utilisation of rural land.

Improved quality of waterways

The collection of effluent from dairy activities can stop it being discharged into waterways. The collected effluent can be processed to produce high grade fertiliser, biogas and clean water for farm reutilisation.

Reduced emissions to air

Many of our urban areas throughout New Zealand have airsheds which for a number of days a year exceed our Air Quality Standards. Appropriate use of biomass for heating instead of coal can assist get the airshed emission levels down to below the required level. This may require switching from coal to biomass fuel, or the installation of improved  combustion equipment such as replacement of an open domestic fireplace with an approved wood fuelled heater. 

Converting urban heavy vehicles from use of mineral diesel as fuel to biodiesel or renewable diesel can reduce emissions. Also using biogas as a vehicle fuel can have a significant effect on emissions reduction.