Availability and purchase of resources

The Bioenergy Association has a large collection of resources and conference documents in its Bioenergy Knowledge Centre. A few of these publications are available to the public whilst others are available free to members.  Non members may contact us for a copy, an administration fee may apply.

Access to documents

Members need to be logged in to access all documents.  Non-members will see only a 'summary' of the document. Non-members may contact us for copies of documents, an administration fee may apply.

Non-members introductory offer

Purchase 12 documents and we will give a FREE annual membership to the Bioenergy Association.  This will allow you to have full access to ALL conference and workshop proceedings and other publications from the Bioenergy Knowlege Centre.

Administration cost

Non members may contact us for a copy of documents kept in our Bioenergy Knowledge Centre, please note that an administration fee may apply.

  • Technical Guides cost $60 (GST inclusive), and
  • Other documents cost $45 (GST inclusive)

Please note that we apply a $4.00 admin fee to all credit card payments.